Citizen science project on mycology.

Zwarm is dedicated to promoting low tech and DIY ways of working with fungal lifeforms. Through happenings, forest walks and open kitchens, we explore the possibilities of this massively diverse kingdom of organisms that support and sustain nearly all living systems.

In short, we’ll focus on:

1. Cultivating local mushrooms on waste streams and introducing them in urban contexts.

2. Growing materials using mycelium.

3. Foraging/forest happenings with talks & drinks. (Bigger community events)

4. Starting a community-based library/collection of local strains.

Bio design

We’re still scratching the surface of what’s possible regarding ways to incorporate mycelium in our daily lives. Having worked with over 7 different fungal strains, we want to further explore their capacities as isolation material, construction blocks or design pieces.

Urban farming

Using waste streams as substrate, we grow mushrooms and vegetables in urban contexts. By repurposing vacant buildings & unused public space into grow areas, we’re trying to convince people to grow their own food with limited space and time.

Open kitchen

We’ll bring our portable oven to different locations to cook and share our harvest with you.

When the weather circumstances are right, these will be held in the forest, accompanied with mushroom foraging & talks. Come eat and meet the team! Pay what you want.

Fungal conservation

Fungi are at the heart of our ecosystems. Considering our environment is becoming less and less diverse, we're starting a fungal database/library.

By doing so, we're archiving and conserving the richness of our fungal biodiversity. Feel free to mail us if you'd like to lend or introduce new samples!